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Get Right Massage is tirelessly working to provide an exceptionally clean facility free of the COVID-19 virus. We have put strict measures into place to ensure everyone’s safety for the entirety of your service. 


  • We have added additional time between each service to properly clean and disinfect all surfaces before and after.

  • We use three UV-C and Ozone sterilization lamps to properly kill ALL Viruses and bacteria down to their DNA. This causes these organisms to lose their vitality and function. 

  • All Massage Therapists will wear face masks throughout their shift and will be washing their hands for 30+ seconds with warm water before and after cleaning, interaction with clients, and when entering and exiting the facility. 

  • FDA approved cleaners are used to properly sanitize and clean all surfaces before and after contact is made with the surface. This includes but is not limited to:

    • High traffic areas​

    • Bathrooms

    • Treatment rooms

    • Waiting Areas


  • Each person will also be required to complete a COVID-19 intake form 24hrs prior to your massage appointment to ensure the highest-level of safety is being met.

  • Do not enter the facility more than 5min early to ensure ample time is given to clean and decrease interaction between clients.

  • All are required to wear a face mask before entering the facility

  • Once the therapist has completed the intake process (in the treatment room) they will instruct you to proceed to get onto the table. At this time you may remove your mask

  • Upon request, Massage Therapists will wear gloves during the session

  • When facing up, you will be required to use a face covering (face mask or other cloth able to cover the nose and mouth)

  • Upon completion of the service, you will be instructed to re-dress and put on your mask before leaving the treatment room

We know this is a lot and we appreciate your cooperation during this crazy time. We will guide you through this process so you don't have to worry about forgetting a step. We want to make it as simple as possible. 

Please feel free to ask any questions before, during, or after your session. 

We are so excited to work with you all again!

With care,

Your Get Right Team

UV-C Lamp.jpg

smart uv

What is it?

Medical-grade UV-C light with ozone can kill up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, allergens, and mold efficiently. It can purify the air and remove odors in 360° to help create a safer living environment.

How does it work?

Bacteria, germs, and viruses are inactivated because UV light disrupts their DNA. They lose vitality and function. The result is clean surfaces and fresh air.

Why do we use it?

At Get Right we always keep our facility clean and sanitized. However, we want to go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of safety for our Clients and Therapists. With Smart UV we can do just that. 

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