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Living Pain Free Should Not Be Abnormal

Without a massage that focuses on your needs, goals, and detailed health history, it's going to cost you...
  • You'll continue to live in pain

  • You'll continue to maintain a high level of stress

  • You will continue to be frustrated with other massage companies

  • Your mood will suffer

  • Your risk for injury will be much higher

  • Your quality of life will continue to decrease

You don't have to let pain continue to control your life. Come to Get Right Massage and not only receive life changing massage services, receive the tools you need to STAY out of pain!

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Becoming pain free is as easy as...

Booking an appointment
Receive an excellent massage
Feel better, Live Better
It's that easy! Take control of your life again. 
Don't let pain keep you from greatness!
Take the first step toward pain free living today

Kyra S.

"Jo is fearless! She did not shy away from deep set muscle issues that many others either weren’t able to reach or too timid. I highly recommend her and can’t wait to go back. I feel like a new woman. I had pain deep inside my nose and hard pallet. Jo magically released both of those tension points. This is a woman with real talent and a passion for her line of work.

                                    Thank you, Jo!"

Smiling Girl

First time

1 hour - $80

1.5 hours - $110

2 hours - $140

Receive your first massage at the Member rate!

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Member Benefits

1 massage each month

$10 off each massage

50% off Add-Ons

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Priority Booking

Family Sharing


1 hour - $90

1.5 hours - $120

2 hours - $150

A Membership is not required... Just recommended 

Other offers

Military and first responder discounts available

Monthly Enhancement discount

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